(Above) The 1920 US Federal Census (Includes Thaddeus, Irene, Mamie, Theresa and Salina Krajewski). 


Thaddeus Krajewski was born on April 19, 1908 in Chorzele Plock Poland, Russia. At the time of his birth Poland was split between Germany, Russia and Austria. Poland regained independence after WW1 in 1918. Before Poland was a independent country again, The Krajewski family left for America in 1913. The Krajewski family at the time included the parents Joseph and Nellie Krajewski. Frozia, Julia, Leo, Thaddeus, Irene and Mamie were the 6 children of the Krajewski Family at the time of leaving Poland. They entered Boston and began a new life in America. While in America, Nellie Krajewski gave birth to two more children making it 8 kids. 


While growing up in America, Thaddeus graduated high school and went onto college and graduated after 5 years. After college he moved to Middletown Connecticut people would call him by doctor before captain as he became a dentist became a Dentist. He lodged/lived in a house owned by William and Fabolia Dumdio.


(Left) The 1940 US federal Census. Highlighted in green shows the residents inside the house Thaddeus lives in. highlighted in yellow is Thaddeus.

Early Life of Thaddeus Krajewski